Armed with energy and conviction, Oceanside represents the nostalgic feeling of the early 2000's while sporting a heavy kick of passion into the present. Captivating an audience from skaters, to jocks, and people in recovery, Oceanside represents a vehicle used to break the stigma around addiction and suicide awareness. Comprised of members in recovery, Oceanside sets the stage to backhand societal issues through catchy musical narratives and community efforts. After the release of Minor Setback and Major Comeback, Oceanside is gearing up to produce a full length album and make their mark in the music industry as the worlds first established recovery band.

"Addiction is more prevalent today than ever before. We need a band like Oceanside to inspire and provide hope to all those battling addiction." - Karen Carlini 

(Assistant Director of Dynamic Youth Community) 


James Moreno (Vocals/Guitars)

Alicia Abrams (Bassist)

Matthew Rinaldi (Drums)

Official Videos